Comparative Characteristics of Vowels of the Crimean Tatar and Turkish Language

УДК 81-115(-512.19=512.161)’342’442

Olha DVOROVA, PhD student
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9029-6308


The research is dedicated to the study of the vowel sounds in Crimean Tatar and Turkish languages. The article is relevant and modern. It is an object of interest of many philologists, teachers of Turkic languages, engaged in the training of Crimean Tatar and Turkish pronunciations. The study of a foreign language is always associated with the study of pronunciation, phonetic originality. Knowledge of phonetic phenomena and patterns of their functioning is a prerequisite for a better ability to form and express their thoughts in a foreign language. After all, with the incorrect use of sounds, the meaning of the word can change and, accordingly, there may be problems with communication. A comparative study of the vowels of the Crimean Tatar and Turkish languages is directly related to the development of effective methods of teaching people pronunciation. This study makes it possible to take into account the typological differences between the two languages. The study is based on the material of the literary norms of the modern middle version of the Crimean Tatar language and the Istanbul version of the Turkish language. The objectives of the study are to compare the systems of vowel phonemes of the
Crimean Tatar and Turkish languages, their differences. One of the most important tasks is to contribute to the construction of a more effective method of learning the phonetic norms of the studied Turkic languages by consistently and as completely as possible fully identifying typologically similar and specific
phenomena in the sound system of the compared languages. The scientific novelty of the work is that it considers modern literary norms of both languages, as well as indicates the specifics of the pronunciation of individual sounds. The reasons for the appearance of long vowels are indicated. The results of the article have theoretical significance, as they make a certain contribution to the typological study of languages, to the theory of language and to the development of relevant problems of phonology. Regarding the practical significance, the results of the work can be used both in subjects for language
study and in special courses.

Keywords: Crimean Tatar language, Turkish language, phonetics, vowels, vocalism.