The article design should conform to the requirements of the Publishing and printing centre of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, in particular:

  1. The text must be submitted as a WinWord file (*.doc, *.docx), without style marking.
  2. Page parameters:
  • Line spacing – 1,0;
  • Paragraph indention – 0,5 cm;
  • format – А5; 
  • margins:
ліве 3праве2

3. Formatting parameters for structural elements:

  • UDC index – Times New Roman, 11 pt, bold;
  • DOI index – Times New Roman, 11 pt, bold;
  • Author(s) details – Times New Roman, 11 pt, bold;
  • Article title – Times New Roman, 11 pt, all capital letters;
  • Abstract (in Ukrainian and English) – Times New Roman, 10 pt, italic;
  • Structured abstract elements (“Introduction”, “Methods”) – Times New Roman, 11 pt, bold;
  • Main text of the article – Times New Roman, 11 pt, regular font;
  • Tables (titles and tabular data) and figures (notations and captions) – Times New Roman, 11 pt
  • Authors’ contributions – Times New Roman, 11 pt, regular font;
  • Acknowledgments, funding sources – Times New Roman, 11 pt, regular font;
  • List of references – Times New Roman, 10 pt, regular font.

4. Additional article text requirements:

 each abbreviation in the text should be entered in brackets at the first mention of the related full phrase; only then such an abbreviation is allowed to be used;

● all citations should be written in the language of the article (regardless of the original language), with obligatory references to the sources and their specific pages; 

● all reference list sources should be cited in the text; all in-text citations should be included in the reference list;

 ● omitted parts of citations should be marked in square brackets using three dots: […];

● article formulas should be typed using the formula editor (Microsoft Equation or MathType Equation) and Microsoft Office formula editor, font 10 pt;

● between the numeric value and the abbreviated unit of measurement, the non-breaking space should be used (Ctrl+Shift+Space);

● the following graphic sign format should be observed: quotation marks “…”, apostrophe …’…, dash … – … (an em dash [—] should be used, but not an en dash [–] or hyphen [-]);

● to mark the range (from … to …), an en dash should be used: p. 95–97, the 30–40s, April–May, Kyiv–Lviv;

● Latin letters should not be replaced with Cyrillic letters and vice versa (for example, Latin letters o, a, c, x, p, e, H, T, I, M, B should not be replaced with о, а, с, х, р, е, Н, Т, І, М, В), especially in names and last names of authors, article titles, abstracts, keywords, bibliographic references, as this may cause false indexing of the publication and makes impossible its identification in search and bibliometric systems.