2017, 61 edition (1)

Мовні і концептуальні картини світу, 2017, випуск 61(1)

{Title} 1-6

{Content} 7-12

Кунч Л. {Reisefreiheit – Stresstest – Wutbürger. The cultural discourse and textual reference as a basis for the translation of the current lexis: tradition in Kyiv 30 years ago and today} 13-20

Кияк Т. Р. {Germany, Austria, Ukraine: historic steps towards each other} 20-27

Макарська Р. {Translator’s biographies research as humanization of translation studies} 27-37

Безугла Л. Р. {Tautological utterances in Ukranian and German dialogical discourse} 37-47

Білик К. А. {On lemmatization of poetic texts corpora} 47-54

Вереш М. Т., Синьо В. В. {The word-formation peculiarites of the German theological terms} 54-59

Гончаренко Л. О. {Content and definition of the concept of “equivalence”} 59-66

Дерев’янко О. А., Тронь А. А. {Fixed verbo-nominal phrases of the type to give a glance as means of expressing semelfactivity and multiplicativity in the novel “Twilight” by S. Meyer} 66-70

Домніч О. В. {On the study of the concept of language and culture and its methods} 71-80

Дорофеєва М. С. {Types of translation solutions in the translation synergetics} 81-87

Корнєва З. М. {Teaching cultural peculiarities in esp university course to students majoring in technology} 88-93

Кучма О. І. {Translation methods of the German modal particles} 94-98

Леміш Н. Є. {Translation specifics of data sheets for additives to petroleum products} 98-105

Лєпухова Н. І. {Translation of medical abbreviations and reductions from German into Ukrainian} 105-110

Материнська О. В. {Semantic productivity of meronyms in the terminological field} 111-122

Мелашенко Д. {The individual translatorial competence: pragmatics and poetry} 122-127

Міхіденко К. О. {Categorization in German conflict discourse} 127-132

Ігнатенко Т. М., Павличко О. О. {Phraseology as an aspect of learning the German lexicon (methodical reflections and empirical observations on practices of teaching the German language as a foreign language)} 132-138

Романовська Л. О. {Inappropriate terms in oil and fat field of food industry} 139-143

Рудківський О. П. {The tasks of modern comparative phonology of the germanic and slavic languages} 143-148

Стасюк О. С. {Interdiscursivity as a mean of formation of parliamentary language (based on verbatim reports of plenary sittings of the German Bundestag)} 149-154

Таценко Н. В. {Exteriorization of empathy in english-speaking discursive acts} 155-162

Тимченко Є. П. {Exclamatory sentences in modern german and Ukrainian} 163-168

Ткачівська М. Р. {Taboo and its peculiarities in German and Ukrainian linguistic cultures} 168-174