2016, edition 57

Мовні і концептуальні картини світу, 2016, випуск 57
[Титул] 1-6
[Зміст] 7-18

Андреєва Т. М. {Ukrainian phraseological units with a verbal-substantival tautological pair} 19-26

Афанасьєва О. М. {Communicative and semantic meaning of a ritual in the sacred / secular paradigm (based on the English linguistic culture)} 26-35

Бєлова А. Д. {Ict, branding and advertising in airlines videos} 36-40

Білінський Д. Ю. {The role asymmetry in the personages’ speech viewed through speech genres theory (based on British drama of the 20th century)}40-45

Борець А. М. {Peculiarities in translation of French criminal code as particular genre of administrative style in French language } 46-51

Борисенко Н. Д. {Expressions of apology in discourse of British drama: communicative-pragmatic aspect} 52-57

Боцман А. В. {Indo-European and common Germanic roots of preterite-present verbs} 57-68

Бурбело В. Б. {Grammar and semantics of identity in French linguistic culture} 69-78

Василюк О. В. {The world`s practice of corporate culture in Ukraine: verbal component}78-89

Воловик О. П. {Comparative analysis of the Starbucks corporate discourse in different social media} 90-98

Давидюк Н. О. {Tweet as endemic technodiscoursive genre of Twitter-discourse} 98-110

Дем’яненко Н. Б. {Phraseological transformation in Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian languages} 111-116

Дика Л. С. {Semantical analysis of Turkish phraseological units with color name component} 116-124

Доканін Ю. Л. {Pyramidal news texts as a way for popularization of public service advertising} 124-128

Дорофеєва М. С. {Postnonclassical scientific rationality in synergetics of translation} 129-137

Єфименко В. А. {Cross-modal cohesion in film} 137-148

Задоріжна Н. І. {Character speech prosody in fairytales for preschool children} 149-157

Зимовець Г. В. {Business names with locative semantics} 157-165

Іщенко Т. В. {A binary opposition “own – alien” in the discredited strategy of political discourse} 165-169

Каленська А. С. {Language game in the studies of Turkish linguists} 170-174

Карабан А. В. {Usage specifics of translating Ukrainian derivatives with diminutive suffixes into English}175-181

Карабан В. І. {Customary language usage as a barrier in translating from a native language into a foreign language} 181-188

Касяненко Д. С. {Legal translation: German-Ukrainian direction} 188-193

Клименко Н. Ф. {Interlanguage communication and processes of semantic interference in the epoch of globalization} 193-199

Кліментова О. В. {The peripheral zone of choronyms-concepts Ukraine, France and England: the connotative aspect (the material associative experiment)}199-205

Ковальчук І. В. {Composite structures of labeling} 206-213

Кожуховська Ю. В. {Goal as a component of “the journey” concept in modern Greek poetry of xx and XXI centuries in aspect of cultural linguistics} 213-218

Комісаров К. Ю. {Grammatical category of tense in the context of learning the Japanese language picture of the world } 218-226

Костюк М. М. {Linguopragmatic peculiarities of Oswald Ducrot’s scientific discourse} 226-231

Литовченко Д. {Peculiarities of antimuslim stereotypes application in the Canadian media discourse} 232-240

Мазепова О. В. {The cultural scheme of šekastenafsi (self-abasement) in the Persian system of politeness} 241-249

Макаревич О. О. {American teenagers reactive expressions’ specifics in communicative situation “invitation” (on the basis of american movie discourse)} 249-254

Маркелова А. А. {Ethnic symbol “sun” in English translation of the poem “Black etude” by Ivan Drach } 254-258

Материнська О. В. {Meronymy in different linguo-cultures} 259-267

Михайленко О. О. {Academic history texts in Ukrainian and English translations } 268-277

Міщинська І. В. {Sоciolinguistic aspect of preserving cultural diversity by language means} 277-282

Наєнко Г. М. {Communicative-pragmatic characteristics of Agatangel Krymsky’s text in polemical discourse early XX century} 282-289

Нікітюк Т. В. {Language realizations of directive in the Turkish language} 289-294

Нікіфорова О. М. {Texts classification in military translation} 294-304

Ніколаєнко Л. І. {The lexicographic treatment of Slavonic names of emotions of the “compassion” group } 304-311

Павличко О. О. {Specifics of neologisms in modern German printed media} 311-316

Пишньоха О. А. {Specifics of ethno-cultural components in the narrative of F. N. Chamlybel “The Wals of Karavanserai”} 316-323

Полич Є. В. {Linguistic expertise in the context of the legal linguistics} 323-328

Попович Н. М. {The 4th century ancient Greek theological terminology and its translation} 329-333

Сівков І. В. {Verbalization of the concept of constitutional monarchy in the legislative texts of Arabic states} 333-342

Смущинська І. В., Голубець С. В. {Lexical and stylistic peculiarities of the coverage of the events in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation in the eastern Ukraine in the international press} 342-349

Спотар-Аяр Г. Ю. {Functioning of pseudoperiphrastical forms of verbs} 349-354

Стасюк О. С. {Genre structure of parliamentary discourse of Sweden} 354-359

Телешун К. О. {Suffixal way of term-formation as productive way for creation of Turkish terms of trade} 359-365

Тепла О. М. {Linguistic aspects of proper name creation} 366-371

Тищенко К. О. {Theoretical studies of the concept of homeland in Ukrainian and foreign linguistics} 371-378

Трищенко І. В. {Stylistic characteristics of modern dystopia (based on the novel ‘The Chimes’ by A. Smaill) } 379-383

Фокін С. Б. {Automatic means of enhancing computer’s translation memory} 384-390

Цар І. М. {Informal urbanonims in Kyiv youth speech} 391-397

Цилюрик Т. В. {Migration crisis in social advertising of Great Britain and Germany} 397-403

Цурик А. С. {Verbal means of influence in modern political speech} 403-410

Чаюк Т. А. {The concept play as a value element of children’s picture of the world} 410-417

Шубко В. В. {Epistemic stance in artistic dialog discourse of D. H. Lawrence } 417-422

Ющенко І. О. {Current state of research on term-building in modern Persian language} 423-427