Verbalization of the category of unbelievable: formation of ornamental menthiology (by S. Rudansky colloquialisms)

Kosmeda T. A., Dr, Hab. in Philology, Prof.
Vasyl’ Stus National University of Donetsk, Vinnytsia
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8912-2888


A new direction of the linguistics of lies, or mentiology, which has the ability to develop actively, is forming in modern linguistics. In this article we prove the expediency of distinguishing ornamental (stylistic) mentiology as a self-contained section of this area, the task of which is to generalize knowledge about ways to actualize psychological and stylistic techniques and ornamental (artistic, figurative) means to verbalize the category of improbability, untruth, half-truth and lie, which is demonstrated in the practice of application of this system of means in the discursive space of a purely Ukrainian folk-literary genre of colloquialisms by S. Rudansky. Psychological and stylistic methods of influencing the reader and means of ornamentalism are actualized, we trace the realization of the style of intentional improbable description, based on a fantastic exaggeration of the situation, that leads to absurdity, a vivid expression of which is the system of alogisms, realized through a number of techniques (negation, which is figuratively amplified by fantasy, which grows to improbability; hyperbolization; humorous and playful injecting of unbelievable or illogical phrases, oxymoron, puns on the basis of actualization and collision of different meanings of polysemous words, homonyms or paronyms, oppositions; assumptions of intentional inaccuracies; giving absurd clarifications; denial of the argument, reinforced by a ridiculous comparison; hint; paradoxical judgments; deviation from the opinion that has just been expressed, a positive assessment under the guise of negative; meaningless recalculation of details, which is absurd, etc.). These means verbalize the category of the unbelievable, truth, half-truth, untruth, lie.

Key words: linguistics of lies, ornamental mentiology, psychological technique, stylistic devices, category of improbability, discourse of S. Rudansky, colloquialism, style of intentional implausible description.