Translation of Peter Handke’s works into Ukrainian (based on the novel “The left-handed woman”)

УДК 81′ 255.4

Nataliia LALAIAN, PhD, Associate Prof., Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

ORCID: 0000-0002-0018-807X

Translation of Peter Handke’s works into Ukrainian (based on the novel “The left-handed woman”) (pdf)

The article offers material on the work of the famous Austrian writer Peter Hadke and a translation of his works into Ukrainian. The comparative analysis of one of the most famous works of the author – the story “The left-handed woman” – and its translation into Ukrainian by Oleksa Lohvynenko has been
carried out. The strategies used by the translator when reproducing the dominants of the author’s style were analyzed, and it was determined which translation decisions contributed to the adequate reproduction of the original text, and which in some way prevented it. It was found out that O. Lohvynenko successfully reproduced most of the features of the author’s style in the translation: proper names, phraseological units, lexical units with colloquial connotations, author’s syntax. It was noticed that the translator tends to the strategy of “domestication” of translation when reproducing cultural concepts. The “presence of the translator” in the text of the translation is extremely noticeable, in particular due to the increase of emotionality of the translation by introducing additional phraseological units, lexical units of the colloquial register, nouns and adjectives with diminutive and caressing suffixes, as well as through the extraction of semantically important information. Some translation mistakes that led to deviations from the original text and distortion of information were also considered.

Keywords: Peter Handke, Oleksa Lohvynenko, comparative analysis, author’s style, translator’s presence, deletions, translation mistakes.