Tolerance in ecolinguistic perspective

Skrynnik Yu. S., PhD (Philology)
V. Karazin KhNU, Kharkiv
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7592-4011


The focus of this study lies in researching a human speech behavior, which displays tolerant or intolerant type of a discursive personality. The results of such interpretation of the ecolinguistic approach find their expression and place in the system of ideas about the world and, as a result, shape the habits of human interaction. The research material consists of dialogic fragments from film scripts, which illustrate the differences in verbal and non-verbal behaviour of a tolerant or intolerant discursive personality in
institutional and everyday discourse types. The analysis of the differences in the speech repertoire of a tolerant / intolerant discursive personality is based on the principles of ecolinguistics, discourse theory and linguopragmatics. The methodological basis allowed to investigate the ecological rules of human interaction which contribute to tolerant behavior.

Keywords: ecolinguistics, intolerant discursive personality, nonverbal component of communication, speech repertoire, tolerant discursive personality, verbal component of communication.