Manuscript language norms in translating science articles

UDC 81’255.4

Mykhailenko O. О., PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
Institute of Philology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Manuscript language norms in translating science articles (pdf)

A science article, as one of the leading genres in the scientific discourse, is becoming increasingly significant in modern science communication. It allows the wide audience to learn about the newest research results in various fields of science and technology. New scientific information is shared around the world mostly through translations. A particular research interest is taken in the quality of translation of science papers and the conformity of target texts to the scientific language norms. In Ukraine, there is a current need for highly-qualified translators of scientific texts into English, who can help the author of a science article to present worldwide new research results.

It is important for translators to be knowledgeable about the basic rules of transition from the source to the target language, in rendering science texts. To take a rational translation solution, the translator should be competent in using translation devices and bring the source text into accordance with the norms of the language of science. The translator should be trained enough in the branch of knowledge the translation texts belong to. Our analysis of the Ukrainian-English translations of science articles in physics aims to establish the degree of equivalence of source and target texts and to evaluate the translation solutions that were chosen to achieve the text equivalence. The special research attention has been paid to the stylistic features of the language of science and the basic rules of manuscript language that should be a guide for a translator of scientific texts.

Keywords: science article, characteristic features of scientific writing, manuscript language norms, degree of translation equivalence, Ukrainian language, English language, translation solutions, translation techniques.