Information for the authors

General Provisions

The academic journal “Linguistic and Conceptual Views of World” is a peer-reviewed professional edition that presents scientific articles conceptualizing and highlighting current topical issues in contemporary linguistics, translation and interpreting studies.

The publication is chargeable. The fee rate for one page of the article/review is 65 UAH (as of 01.06.2019). A hard copy of the academic journal is included in the fee.

Articles/reviews in Ukrainian, English, and Russian, that have not been previously published, are accepted for submission to be published in the Academic Journal.

The Academic Journal is published three times a year. Deadlines for the manuscript submission are: 1) the 1st of May; 2) the 15th of November of the current year.

Manuscripts of article/reviews submitted to the editorial board should include the following:

1. The license agreement between the author(s) of the article and the editorial board (see the sample of the agreement on the website of the journal).

 2. The file with the author(s) information – the last name, first name, patronymic; job title, affiliation; scientific title, academic degree; contact information (phone number, e-mail address); ORCID code. The authors’ information is submitted in two languages – Ukrainian and English.

 3. The file with the manuscript should vary from 10 to 12 complete pages in 11 pt. and comprise up to 20,000 characters (with spaces).

4. The file with the copyright assignment contract signed by the author(s) (is given after the article is approved and accepted for publication).

5. Under the general requirements of the HAC of Ukraine for scientific publications (Resolution of the Presidium of the HAC of Ukraine of 15.01.2003, 7-05 / 01), the article should contain the following logical parts:

1. Definition of the scientific problem and its relation to significant scientific or practical tasks.

2. Analysis of the latest researches and works that explore the current level of the scientific problem comprehension in contemporary linguistics.
3. Identification of unexplored aspect(s) of the scientific problem that the article addresses.

4. Definition of the aim of the article (statement of the problem).

5. Presentation of the research and substantiation of the obtained scientific results.

6. Conclusions of the research and outlines of the prospects for future research.