2017, 59 edition

Мовні і концептуальні картини світу, 2017, випуск 59

{Title} 1-6

{Content} 7-15

Афанасьєва О. М. {Typology of rituals in the communicative perspective: criteria and definitions} 16-21

Бабире О. В. {Gamification as an instrument of persuasion in environmental culture} 21-27

Білик К. А. {Consociation as a type of collostructure} 27-34

Галицька Є. А. {Social stratification reflection in a perfume and cosmetic naming register} 35-45

Гуменна К. О. {Representation of archaisms as an element of linguo-poetics of a francophone historical novel (based on “Legend of Eulenspiegel” by Charles de Coster)} 46-52

Дейкун О. П. {Translation strategies for the content reproduction of the BBC English articles in Ukrainian language} 53-56

Довбищенко Ф. В. {The authorial narrative strategy in the books V and VI of Herodian’s “History of the Roman Empire”} Геродіана. 57-64

Ісаєв С. С. {Medicinal properties of food in Chinese phraseological picture of the world} 65-69

Карабан А. В. {Language usage correlations for intensifying particles in Ukrainian and English} 70-76

Карабан В. І. {The role of common language usage in translation} 76-82

Карпова К. С. {Verbal portrait of a food blogger} 82-89

Клименко Н. Ф. {Families of words, composite formations and thematic families of words in processes of vocabulary stratification} 89-98

Кожуховська Ю. В. {Component goal in the labyrinth journey in modern Greek poetry of the XX century} 98-103

Комарницька Т. К. {Тhe linguistic interference in israeli mass-media for repatriated (basing on the example of the magazines “Kol A-Sharon” and “Versiya-News”)} 103-109

Комісаров К. Ю. {Main features of emotional and axiological conceptualization of reality on the derivational stratum of the Japanese language} 110-117

Корнієць К. А. {Purist tendencies in the modern linguistic policy of Turkey} 117-121

Кравченко Л. О., Сюсюрченко М. А. {Artionyms of Ukraine (structural and lexico-semantic aspects)} 122-128

Кучеренко А. О. {Arabic media discourse in modern lingustic and interdisciplinary studies} 128-135

Лабенко О. А. {Problems of translation of the “false friends of translator” in French and Ukrainian languages} 135-139

Литовченко Д. {Aspects of muslim stereotyping in the media of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland} 140-148

Музика М. В. {Paremia as a unit of language consciousness of the human (on the material of associative experiment)} 148-154

Невойт В. І. {Russian pronoun “сам” and its derivatives} 154-159

Охріменко В. І. {Relations in the system of modal operators of the cognitive-semantic field of trustworthiness} 160-167

Прожогіна І. М. {Problems of Russian pronunciation training for Chinese students} 167-172

Радчук В. Д. {America appeals to the world: read Pavlychko (based on the novel “The Holy Terrors”)} 173-179

Сайко М. А. {The content of terminological competence of a medical translator} 179-185

Семенко С. М. {Canonical tenrikyo texts as a source of kansai dialect of the Japanese language in the mid-19th century} 185-193

Синявська О. Є. {Pragmatic potential of symbolic commercial nominations in XIX-XXI centuries} 194-199

Сівков І. В. {The concept “republicanism” and its verbalization in the texts of constitutions of Arabic countries} 199-205

Смашнюк О. І. {Slang in communicative situation “swearing” in emotional spontaneous speech (on the basis of the British National Corpus)} 205-214

Фокін С. Б. {Bilingual dictionaries: reasons of deficiency and perpectives of optimization} 214-221

Чеботарьова А. {The plurality of the Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” in Ukrainian translations: a semiotic approach} 221-227